1. Do you need a doctor’s referral to be seen by a physio?

    A referral from your GP is optional. Dr’s referrals are only required if the following situations apply:

    • You are a DVA card holder and you want to claim your treatment through DVA
    • You would like to claim your costs through Medicare (Enhance Primary Care Plan - EPC)
    • You are claiming your injury through Workcover etc. In this case you should have a claim number and a Worker’s Compensation Certificate
  2. Do we take WorkCover patients?
    Yes we do. We will require a current medical certificate along with a WorkCover claim number if it’s been processed.  Please note if the WorkCover claim is not open and accepted, it is up to the individual to pay for the consult until it’s open. However, you can submit your receipt to WorkCover once it’s been approved to be reimbursed.
  3. Who is eligible for a concessional discount and must they be sighted? 
    High school students, Full-time tertiary students (full-time university/TAFE) and retired pension card holders.  Yes, concession cards must be sighted as the number is recorded in our system.
  4. Do we do Acupuncture?
    We do dry needling, which is very similar.
  5. Do we except private health cards and process HICAP rebates at time of payment? 
    Yes we do. If you are entitled to a private health rebate and have your private health fund card with you at time of consult and payment, then we are able to process the HICAP rebate and then you pay the difference.
  6. What happens if I forgot my private health fund card?
    We are unable to manually type in your health fund card number to claim your rebate, therefore you will need to pay the account in full and take your receipt to your private health fund to be reimbursed.
  7. If I see a different physiotherapist, will they have the knowledge to carry on with my treatments?
    Yes they will.  All patient files are kept and are supplied to the physiotherapist prior to commencement of treatment.
  8. What you need to bring to your appointment?
    If you are seeing a physiotherapist for the first time and have had previous scans or x-rays relating to the area you wish to be treated for, then please ensure you have them with you.  You will also need to bring your doctors referral if you have one.  If you are going through WorkCover or a third party insurance then you will need to bring your Claim Number and Medical Certificate. If you are coming for Pilates classes, please bring your own towel and drink bottle. Hydrotherapy, sunscreen, hat, towel and swimmers.
  9. How much is it for an Initial consultation?
    It depends on who you see, we do have some senior physiotherapist and they all have different prices depending on who you book in with, however they range from Adults - $85-$100 or Concession $75-$90 less you health fund rebate if applicable.
  10. Follow-up Appointments? Depending on your injury and who you book in with, this can range in price from Adults - $75-$95 or Concession $70-$90 less your health fund rebate if applicable.
  11. Do we do group Pilates classes, yes we do, however they are called Physiotherapy Exercise Classes?
    Yes we do. However you are required to have a one on one consult with your Physiotherapist prior to attending your first group class.
  12. How much is a group Physiotherapy Exercise Classes?
    It is $20 per person less any private health rebate if applicable.
  13. When are our Physiotherapy Exercise Classes?
    Classes are on Monday 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Tuesday to Thursday night from 5pm - 6pm & 6pm-7pm. Tuesday and Friday mornings from 6am-7am and Saturdays from 8:00am to 9:00am & 9:00am to 10:00am.
  14. EPC – (Enhanced Primary Care program), do I need a GP referral? 
    Yes we do. You will need to supply NQPC with a GP referral if you wish to receive a Medicare rebate.
  15. Do we bulk bill for EPC (Enhance Primary Care Program)?
    Eastbrooke Clinic - YES (Please bring your relevant paperwork and a valid Medicare card to your appointment)
    Kirwan Clinic - Unfortunately we don’t.  You must pay for your physiotherapy service at the time of the treatment which is $65 for one treatment area and $110 for two or more treatment areas.  If you bring your Medicare card and have a savings or cheque account attached to your Eftpos card we can refund you the Medicare rebate of $52.95 on the spot.
  16. When are our Hydrotherapy Classes?
    Hydrotherapy Classes are every Thursday from 11am – 12pm or 12pm - 1pm at the Long Tan pool. All patients will need to have had a one on one with the Physiotherapist prior to hydrotherapy classes. We also offer one on one private Hydrotherapy Classes should you require them and can be conducted at any public pool that is suitable.
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