dorsaVi is an innovative motion analysis device that uses wireless sensors to objectively measure movement and muscle activity.

These objective measures assist in providing baselines and accurately monitor progress.

dorsaVi is used by elite level sporting organisations including AFL clubs Hawthorn, Richmond, Western Bulldogs, Essendon, Fremantle and Brisbane Lions; English Premier League clubs Manchester United and West Bromwich Albion; the Australian and Victorian Institutes of Sport, the Queensland Academy of Sport, Cricket Australia and most recently the North Queensland Cowboys.

Some of the key features of the dorsaVi include:
Running Symmetry Test: Provides Ground Reaction Force and asymmetry measures.

Knee Stability Test: Objective valgus testing by examining and tracking knee stability through single leg squat and dynamic testing.

Lower Back & Postural Assessments: Series of tests designed to provide an objective measure of Range of Motion for the lumbar spine and postures for up to 24 hours in the athlete's day to day activities.

Hamstring Test: Active and passive hamstring tests to provide data about hamstring behaviour at baseline & objectively assess rehabilitation status of hamstring muscle.

Functional Screening Assessment: For obtaining baseline movement data, customising traning programs and provide markers for rehabilitation.

Live Training: Allows patients to view their own movements in real time whilst wearing the sensors, improving proprioception, motor control and skill acquisition.

The new technology assists NQPC's team of physiotherapist with screening and assessment, optimise patients' technique and ensure controlled return to activity / sport.