pre-employment screenings

Pre-employment screening assessments can determine a potential employee’s ability to perform the physical demands of a particular position within a company before they have been appointed.

This can determine whether a person’s physical tolerance matches the requirements of the job.  It is designed to ensure a suitable job match and to reduce the risk of further musculoskeletal injuries in a pre-employment phase.

These assessments are there to identify if the individual can safely undertake tasks required in that particular role.

Pre-Employment assessments are required for all jobs in the mining and construction industries.

What we can do:

  • Coal Board Medicals
  • WorkCover assessments and injury management
  • Drug and Alcohol testing (instant)
  • Urine Testing (instant)
  • Spirometery (lung function test)
  • Audiometry (hearing test) 
  • Vision Test, colour vision
  • Strength and mobility Screening
  • Work fitness assessments (otherwise known as functional capacity evaluations)


Do we have screening templates? We have a standard template that we use for certain screenings, however we understand that some companies may have certain templates that they prefer to use, we just ask that this paperwork be emailed or faxed through once the appointment has been made, so the physiotherapist can make themselves familiar with what is required.

How long will a Screening Take?  Depending on the extent of the screening, screenings can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. 

Turnaround for completed paperwork?  From the time of your appointment we aim to have your completed paperwork to the relevant department/employer within 24 hours.

Payment for Services? If an individual is paying for the screening we have EFTPOS facilities available on site. Should an Employer or Recruitment Company be paying for the service, we can forward an invoice through with the completed screening paperwork for payment within 7 days.