Equalizer Walker (Grey) – High Top, S, M, L – Low Top, S, M, L

The Equalizer® Walker Boot is a lightweight, affordable alternative to conventional casting materials, which immobilises the foot and ankle at 90 degrees. Unlike casts, the Walker Boot has been engineered with a unique shock absorbing sole; this reduces impact from the heel strike and improves comfort during ambulation. Incorporated into the sole of the walker is a wide rocker bottom that is fitted with anti slip tread, which increases stability and helps to promote a natural gait. The Low top range are designed for foot problems were the ankle is unaffected.


  • Available in Low Top or Standard Height 
  • Contoured strut design allows the walker frame to conform to your patients' anatomy, ensuring a better fit 
  • Unique shock absorbing sole reduces impact of heel strike during ambulation 
  • Rocker bottom is engineered to be low and wide to help promote a stable gait 
  • Available in 5 sizes