Hot & Cold Packs

Heat and Ice are the two most common type of therapy that help to reduce pain, post-operative swelling and bruising, inflammation, muscle spasm, aches and relax muscles. It works by stimulating the body's own healing mechanism.

Hot Therapy – opens blood vessels which increases blood flow that cuts down swelling and pain.
Cold Therapy – slows down the blood flow to the injury that reduces swelling and pain.

Large Rectangle – Size 17cm x 37cm 

Large rectangle hot pack is an unsectioned wheat bag that moulds easily to all areas.

Neck Bag – Size 16cm x 60cm 

The neck bag is a similar shape of a boomerang which hangs around the front of your neck, it is also great for other areas of the body.  This neck bag comes with an extender belt which adds 50cm to the neck bag and is ideal for holding the hot pack in place around the lower back areas

Therapy Small – Size 30cm x 30cm

This is sectioned into 4 equal compartments – versatile for any area of the body.

Therapy Large – Size 30cm x 60cm 

This  is sectioned into 4 equal compartments and is ideal for covering the whole back.

Victor Ice Bag 'N Straps

No-Fuss ice and compression treatment system that moulds around injured joints and body parts to reduce muscular/joint aches and pains.  It combines an ice bag with a stretch holder for compression.