Massage Equipment

A quick and easy way to help relieve sore or stiff parts of your body until you can see your physiotherapist. ITB rollers can be used on various parts of your body for a variety of applications. Back Balls and Trigger Balls are simple, portable and affordable which are designed to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension.

Bak Balls

The use of Bak Balls can immediately reduce your pain and stiffness.  You can use Bak balls in your home or taken to the office, sporting events or in the car to treat back pain and stiffness.

ITB Roller

The ITB roller can be used to suit a variety of applications including stretching and strengthening. Commonly used for ITB Friction syndrome, Hamstring injuries & general leg stretching.

15cm x 31cm
15cm x 92cm



Endorsed by expert Spinal Physiotherapists. Designed to alleviate headaches or upper neck pain and stiffness. Patented design targets problem areas, and applies controlled pressure to the joints.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Trigger Ball

This  is a simple, portable and affordable device designed to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension. Direct pressure onto a trigger point can elicit pain referred pain and occasionally a local twitch response, that lead to pain relief and muscle relaxation.