Victor Sports Products

NQPC is excited to announce that we are the new North Queensland Distributor for Victor Sports.  NQPC are able to offer some great prices on strapping tape and 1st Aid Supplies to Individuals and Sporting groups within North Queensland whether big or small.  Victor tape is currently being used by many NRL/AFL and Basketball clubs down South and having NQPC as there Distributor moving forward has opened up a fantastic opportunity for the North Queensland sporting community to purchase some really good quality tape and 1st Aid Supplies that will be considerably cheaper than purchasing from a pharmacy or another supplier.

Below is a snippet of some of he products we can supply. If you are after a more extensive list, please visit website. If you are interested in finding out prices and what we can offer, please either give Nicole a call on Phone: (07) 4723 2233 or Email

Victor Professional Super Rigid Strapping Tape

Highly aggressive rigid strapping tape with serrated edges.  Victor's PROFESSIONAL strapping tape used by elite athletes for support to areas of the body that are under very high stress.

Available in various widths:

12.5mm - Purchase by Roll or Tube 24
25mm - Purchase by the Roll, Tube of 12 or Box 40
38mm - Purchase by the Roll, Tube of 8 or Box 30
50mm - Purchase by the Roll, Tube of 6 or Box 20

Victor Professional Hand Tearable Stretch Tape

Incorpates strength, conformity and flexibility in a lightweight, hand tearable, white or black, elastic adhesive bandage.  Easy to tear for quick application.

Available in various widths:

25mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 48
50mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 24
75mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 16


Victor Professional Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Non hand tearable, tan coloured adhesive stretch tape.  Used for compression and support of joints and muscles.

Available in various widths:

25mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 48
50mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 24
75mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 16


Premium Trainers Selection Cohesive Bandage

Dry to touch, co-adhesive high bond formula.  Hand tearable, 100% breathable with high tensile strength.  Excellent compression properties.  Non adhesive, yet sticks to itself.

Available in various widths:

25mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 24
50mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 12
75mm - Purchase by the Roll or Box 12


Victor Fix - Hypoallergenic Fixing Tape

Agressive, adhering, hypoallergenic underwrap.  Porus fabric for breathability.  Used under rigid strapping tape to reduce skin irritations and assist in adhesions.

Avialable in various widths:

5cm - Purchase by the Roll
10cm - Purchase by the Roll


Victor Underwrap

Foam, non adhesive underwrap to go under rigid or stretch tape.  Used to reduce skin irritations caused by adhesive tapes.


Adhesive Foam

Adhesive Foam roll with removeable paper backing.  Used to pad and protect areas of the body. (6mm) thickness.


Victor Ice Bag 'N Straps

No-fuss ice and compression treatment system that moulds around injured joints and body parts to reduce muscular/joint aches and pains.  It combines an ice bag with a stretch holder for compression.


Plastic Ice Wrap

Plastic wrap used to hold ice or ice packs on specific body areas for treatment of soft tissue injuries.  Handle sold seperately.


Plastic Ice Wrap Handle

Handle for easy application of plastic ice wrap.


TubularForm Support Bandage

Cut to-fit, 10 metre roll of compression support bandage.

Available in the following sizes:

A - Infant Feet/Arms
B - Small Hands/Arms
C - Med. Hands/Arm
D - Lge. Arm, Med. Ankle, Sml. Knee
E - Lge. Ankle, Med. Knee, Sml. Thigh
F - Lge. Knees, Med. Thigh
G - Lge. Thigh


Soft Cervical Collar

Made in Australia.  Special density foam, shaped for patient comfort.  Offers firm support.

Available sizes:

S/S - Small/Short
S/L - Small/Long
M - Medium
L/S - Large/Short
L/L - Large/Long

Shoulder Arm Immobiliser Sling

Strong cotton sling with adjustable straps.  Includes a strap wrapped around torso to reduce movement of the shoulder.  Measurement taken from finger tips to elbow.  made in Australia.

Available sizes:

Child or Adult

Victor Dynamic Shoulder Stabiliser

The Dynamic Shoulder Stabiliser is designed to limit the range of motion of the Gleno-Humeral (Shoulder) Joint using the opposite leg as an anchor.  Designed and manufactured by Victor Sports.  Used by many Australian top NRL players.

Available sizes:


Madison Shoulder Brace

The brace is designed to prevent the shoulder entering into the extreme range of movement at which dislocation may occur.  Does not resist normal range of motion.

Available sizes:

S - Chest Circ 90-105cm
M - Chest Circ 100 - 115cm
L - Chest Circ 110 - 125cm
XL - Chest Circ 120cm +

Victor Groin Strap

Made from 2" wide surgical elastic.  Designed to tighten the groin muscle to relieve pain.  Measure where strap is worn.  Made in Australia

Available sizes:

Small Fits 40cm to 50cm
Medium Fits 50cm to 60cm
Large Fits 60cm to 70cm
XLarge Fits 70cm to 80cm

Latex Gloves

High quality latex gloves in easy to use dispenser pack.  For use when treating injured players. 

Available in Medium or Large

TFA 1st Aid Handy Kit 3

Soft pack first aid kit.  Simple design & practical layout.  Encased in a hardwearing zippered canvas case.

Victor Bum Bag Kit

Small 1st aid kit packed in a VICTOR utility belt.

Click on the following link to view what is included in the kit:

Victor Sports Care Bag Kit

Victor 'On-Field' 1st aid kit packed in a VICTOR Sports care bag.

Click on the following link to view what is included in the kit:

Victor Medical Case Sports Kit

The VICTOR medical case sports kit contains first aid products appropriate for most sporting injuries.  Encased in a bag of tough fabric construction with zippered compartments.  Comfortable shoulder strap.  High visibility.  Dimensions: 35.5cm (W) x 35.5cm (H) x 20cm (D).

Click on the following link to view what is included in the kit:

Victor Medical Chest Kit

VICTOR 'Side-line' 1st aid kit packed in a VICTOR Medical Chest.  Designed as a great starting kit for clubs.  Contains a broad range of products and tapes not normally found in first aid kits.  All packed in a heavy duty, locakable medical case on wheels.  Ideal for transporting large amounts of medical equipment, as well as safe storage.  Made from double strength corflute to minimise weight with aluminium edging for longer lasting durability.  Dimensions: 88cm x 35cm x 39cm.

Click on the following link to view what is included in the kit:

Victor Hand Towel

Royal blue hand towel.  Dimensions: 43cm x 37cm.

Victor Water Bottle

High quality 750ml Squeeze bottle with mushroom pop-up top.

Water Bottle Carrier

New 8 bottle carrier.  Ergonomic design

Victor Bottle Dry Rack

Bottle rack which can be used to hang bottles upside down to dry - holds up to 20 bottles

Victor Portable Treatment Table

Made with 100% high resilient foam. These tables are light and portable.