Workplace injury Management

With today’s busy lifestyle we are all spending longer hours at work and whether you have a heavy physical job or work in more sedentary role, at some stage you may be prone to pain or injury as a result.

The physiotherapists at NQPC can assist you with your recovery and help you to stay at or return to work safely and as soon as possible.  As well as providing prompt assessment and treatment of your injury, your physio can liaise with your Doctor, your Case Manager and/or your Employer to prepare a plan for your rehabilitation and return to suitable duties.

Another important role of physiotherapy in Workplace Injury Management, is prevention of injury. Being unfit or carrying an underlying physical problem (such as joint stiffness or muscle weakness), can predispose you to work injury.  This is especially if your job involves heavy or repetitive tasks; however desk jobs also require elements of fitness in order to enhance posture and flexibility.

So if you, or someone you know, has recently experienced pain or injury due to their work, or you have an old injury/condition that you feel may be putting you at risk of pain or injury, talk to your physio for advice.